Silvery has become an official reseller of FACIT Data Systems solutions

Silvery has become an official reseller of FACIT Data Systems solutions!

Silvery has become an official reseller of solutions of FACIT Data Systems.

Facit Data Systems is a knowledge company that specialises in video data analytics and CCTV redaction videos.

Facit Data Systems produce rigorously tested software that is intuitive to use that generates reliable, accurate and actionable data.

According to the status, Silvery as the official reseller is authorized to design, supply, commission, guarantee and provide technical support for all Facit Data Systems solutions.

The Facit Data Systems solution line includes the following areas:

  • IdentityCloak – provides affordable speedy in-house auto video redaction for GDPR compliance
  • PeopleCounter – provides a precise measure of footfall in retail stores and high footfall venues
  • QueueManager – auto-calculates the occupancy level at retail tills and venue check outs
  • HeatMap – identifies hot spots of activity in public spaces providing you with actionable data.

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