Silvery has become the official solution reseller of Rapid7!

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Silvery has become the official solution reseller of Rapid7!

In October 2019, Silvery was recognized as the official reseller of Rapid7 solutions.

Rapid7 is a manufacturer of solutions for managing network security and interoperability policies, as well as testing IT security against potentially dangerous objects. The company’s integrated solutions help optimize the security of the network, web applications and databases.

When developing applications, Rapid7 uses a platform that allows to create and test special programs that use vulnerable areas to attack an IT system, for information security purposes.

In accordance to the obtained status, Silvery is authorized to resell, design, deliver, install, commission, provide product warranty and provide service support packages to the following Rapid7 solutions:

  • Metasploit – the most impactful penetration testing solution on the market. With Metasploit you can uncover weaknesses in your defenses, focus on the highest risks, and improve your security outcomes
  • InsightVM – provides a fully available, scalable, and efficient way to collect your vulnerability data, turn it into answers, and minimize risk. InsightVM leverages the latest analytics and endpoint technology to discover vulnerabilities in a real-time view, pinpoint their location, prioritize them for your business, facilitate collaboration with other teams, and confirm your exposure has been reduced
  • InsightIDR – leverages both User and Attacker Behavior Analytics to detect intruder activity, cutting down false positives and days’ worth of work for your security professionals. It hunts all of the top attack vectors behind breaches: the use of stolen credentials, malware, and phishing, and alerts on stealthy intruder behavior as early as possible in the attack chain
  • InsightOps – combines asset visibility with log analytics to help you gain immediate visibility across every endpoint on your network and seamlessly perform root cause analysis with related log data, all from one master console. It’s total infrastructure awareness
  • InsightConnect – a security orchestration and automation solution that enables your team to accelerate and streamline time-intensive processes—no code necessary.
  • InsightAppSec – brings Rapid7’s proven Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) technology to the Insight platform, combining powerful application crawling and attack capabilities, flexibility in scan scope and scheduling, and accuracy in results with a modern UI, intuitive workflows, and sensible data organization.

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