Silvery has become Microfocus Gold Partner!

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Silvery has become Microfocus Gold Partner!

In October 2019, Silvery was recognized as the Gold Partner of Microfocus.

Microfocus is a world famous British IT consulting company, providing a comprehensive portfolio of IT security solutions at all levels, from IT infrastructure to specific developed applications.

Silvery has not only proven its competence in implementing and supporting Microfocus solutions, having received the necessary certifications, but also received Portfolio Expert status, which demonstrates the high competence of Silvery’s specialists in Security Operations.

According to the obtained status in Security Operations, Silvery specializes in implementing, configuring, and supporting the following Microfocus solutions:

  • ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) – the most powerful log collection and analytics system (SIEM) on the market. ESM is central to the organization’s IT system, collecting and analyzing events from various security systems and tools. This solution detects real-time security threats, giving analysts the ability to respond quickly, as well as scale to meet increasing security requirements.
  • ArcSight Security Open Data Platform (SODP) – an updated data management platform that allows you to collect, structure and use data on security events with unprecedented performance.
  • ArcSight Investigate – solution to proactively identify and eliminate unknown threats, and reduce the impact of security-related incidents.
  • ArcSight Logger – a complete software and hardware solution for collecting, storing, high-performance information retrieval and reporting using all corporate audit logs, which is a reliable solution for managing event logs.
  • Interset UEBA – a behavioral and entity analytics solution that supports other security solutions to identify and build correlations for particularly complex threats.
  • Sentinel – a multifunctional solution that simplifies the implementation, management and daily use of SIEM. Sentinel instantly adapts to a dynamic corporate environment and offers true “intelligence in action” to identify security threats and prioritize rapid response.
  • Change Guardian – solution to quickly identify the actions of privileged users and respond to them.

In addition to the above solutions, Silvery has acquired a technical qualification in Application Security.

Silvery’s technical specialists also specialize in Micro Focus Fortify, a solution that reduces the risks to software by identifying vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to the organization. This solution identifies the root causes of the vulnerability, establishes relationships between the implications and determines their significance, and also gives developers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with best practices for safe code writing.

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